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What are your goals/dreams/aspirations?

My big/extremely lofty one is to….be bringing in “enough” income with my patterns etc that I can donate all of the profits of certain collections to organizations related to the collection.
For example: the profits from my Drag Race Collection which currently only has the Visage Tee in it – and I’m working on the second piece – would go to a LGBTQ+ organization. The profits from the beanies I’m creating with yarn that’s not my jam would go to an organization that helps the homeless in my community. You get the idea.

Now currently, I sell a couple patterns a month on average. My best month this year was June and that was due to my moving sale. So obviously I’m nowhere near that point yet. And I’m not talking like oodles of cash here, I mean I’m out of debt and can pay my bills and put a small amount into savings kind of profits.

Nevertheless, I will keep putting out patterns for pieces I want in my own closet. And maybe one day, I’ll take a look at my spreadsheet and say “damn, I’m there.”

What are some small steps you can take to make your dreams happen?

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Double Swirl Beanie

“Pump out a hat, you’ll feel better after.” – Chantal of Knitatude

Whenever I’m in a knitting funk, I recall these wise words. She’s not wrong either. If you have a number of wips happening but don’t have the drive to work on any of them, make a hat. Or a headband. Just piece that is going to give you pretty instant gratification so you feel like you’ve accomplished something.

And that is where the idea for the Double Swirl Beanie came from. I always have multiple wips but I was feeling bleh about knitting and felt a need to stash bust and just work something up. I grabbed my skein of Briar Rose from Handmade Home Fibers and a random tonal pink that matched and looked through one of my stitch books.
Upon finding a texture pattern that would look good with solid or variegated yarn I got to work.

Also in my collection was the most perfect deep magenta pom from Rose and Purl.
It was named the Double Swirl because of the double stranding and the texture creates a swirl design. I also did a double brim because they are just so much more cozy.

You can find the pattern here.

Happy Knitting!

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The Visage Tee

My latest pattern, the Visage Tee, is a garment that started a snowball of an idea. One that I hope to turn into an avalanche of good.
Originally named the Key to my Heart Tee, Visage was suggested and I ran with it.

Named for Michelle Visage from Drag Race, I had the idea of creating a line of garments inspired by Drag Queens. I have two more ideas brewing so stay tuned for those. But I have a goal of 6 designs total.
Ultimately, I want a percentage of the sales from those 6 pieces to go to a local LGBTQ+ charity. Because at the end of the day, I just want to help people.

Being cis-het, white, straight-sized and of middle-class, I have privilege. And I recognize that. So I want to do what I can for those who don’t have those same privileges.

I’ve mentioned this before, I make garments that I want to wear. In doing that, I also am trying to make sure anyone of any shape can not only make my patterns, but wear them proudly. If there is a pattern of mine that you don’t think will fit you as you want, email me and we can work it out together.