Iris Cropped Sweater

It’s funny how you don’t understand all the trial and error that goes into a pattern until you start designing.
When I started the design it was a much different image in my mind. It was originally going to be over-sized and baggy. However, my cast on was way too big. Think the width of my love seat too big. I wanted positive ease but not that much!
So I tried again.
This time with the vision in mind that is now the final product. A cropped, fitted v-neck sweater that has lovely arm detailing. I have a soft spot for the latter, which is evident in this pattern and in my Rose Tyler Cropped Cardi.

This was my first time designing a v-neck but I’ve made them before so I wasn’t going in completely unawares.
I also decided it was high time I start being more inclusive in my sizing. In the past, my designs have gone up to XL or maybe 2X. This time, using Craft Yarn Council guidelines, I wrote from XS to 5X. So busts ranging from 30″ to 62″ can make this sweater!

I also plan on reworking my other garments over the rest of the year, I’ll need testers to confirm yardage and measurements so keep an eye out!

You can grab the Iris pattern from Ravelry or Etsy. I hope you have as much fun making it as I did!