Pattern Review: Invitation to the Dance Socks

Whoo boy, this pattern. First off the pattern is written well, that wasn’t my issue with these socks.
But it did take me over a year to complete both socks (the first took significantly longer than the second).

What started as a fun colourwork adventure quickly turned into a dreaded “ugh that’s still on my wip list” memory.
On the first sock my brain didn’t pick up on the actually pretty easy to remember repeat. The second sock went MUCH more smoothly.

I used Sweet Georgia in Hush (colour no longer available) and a tonal grey from We Love Knitting.
So…should you try out this pattern? Absolutely. However bear in mind that it is a taller sock so keep that colourwork loose friends. It is a free pattern on Ravelry though so if you want to give colourwork socks a try, this is a good one to start with.

As for myself, I don’t know that colourwork socks are my jam. I like to not have to focus too much when I make socks. So I prefer Vanilla-esque or an easy to remember texture pattern. They are mighty pretty though.

Happy Knitting!


Pattern Review: Please & Thank You Socks

Back in January Twill & Print and Knitting it Up got together for the best collaboration my nerdy heart could dream of. A Doctor Who collab! I snapped it up immediately and so did one of my besties, Woolfield Studio.

It only made sense for us to then make matching socks out of the yarn, enter #friendshipsocks! We narrowed the many beautiful options we found on Ravelry down to the please and thank you socks by Jessica Gore of The Sweater Collective and I finally finished mine the other week.

This pattern was a dream to work up, it felt so quick because of the 4 row repeat and for my second ever pair of socks it was gorgeous yet uncomplicated.IMG_20180513_150402.jpg