Let’s talk about size, Baby

“Let’s talk about you and me” now that I’ve gotten that song stuck in your head, let’s dive in.

This is not my first blog post on this topic, but I feel it needs re-iterating.

For a bit of background, I grew up in a house that is very fatphobic. To the point where when I was pregnant with my daughter Violet one of my concerns was gaining a lot of weight. It’s been ingrained into my psyche and it’s going to talk a lot of work to retrain my brain. I gained 40 pounds whilst pregnant and seemed to think I’d “bounce back” afterwards. That did not happen and I’m finally starting to love my changed body. You can talk all day about how our bodies create life etc but looking at a body that is now MUCH saggier than it used to be and comparing it other people who’ve also had kids who did bounce back is something I catch myself doing almost daily.

When I started designing garments I didn’t know what I know now. From the need to create as many sizes as possible to how few are actually out there to fit everyone. I also for some reason though it would be difficult to size the full range of Craft Yarn Councils Standards.

In my experience, it’s not.

If you’ve been following me for a while you know I’m adding sizes to all my garment patterns and my new ones this year are fully graded. However! My newest pattern I’ll be releasing in the next…few weeks(?) isn’t graded at all. WHAT?! HOW?! WHY?!

Because *drumroll please* ANYONE CAN MAKE IT TO FIT THEM!!

I’ve written it so that with gauge and formulas you can make my garment to fit you how you want it to fit you. And to me the best part is you don’t have to take my math and try and manipulate it to your body. Which I know is something a lot of people have to do but hopefully writing my pattern this way helps curb that.
I will be basing yardage off CYC until people make it and I have a better idea of actual yardage because there’s no real other way for me to figure it out.

Finally, designers seem to think there isn’t a market for sizes above 4X based on my ravelry searching. That’s obviously not true and so to quote Field of Dreams “If you build it, they will come.”

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