The Not so Basic Ribbed Beanie

Last week I gave you ideas on how to use up your least favourite skeins. Today I’m talking about my first project that I did with mine.

Like I mentioned last week, I’m designing beanies with the yarn I have from various sources. Some of it is KnitPicks that I’d purchased with the intent to sell the finished products at markets. That obviously didn’t happen. Now, with this being my last market season and already having stock from the last 2 years, I knew I didn’t need to bring in new pieces. Other yarn is from Knitcrate that just isn’t my style or preferred colour scheme.

For the this particular design I knew I wanted to keep it simple. But also have something to keep it interesting beyond “just another ribbed beanie”. So I added a double brim and did different ribbing ratios on the body of the hat compared to the brim.

It’s customizable to head size, you just need to measure your head and do more or less repeats. I also include a link on how to do a provisional cast on because that’s my preferred method of double brims.

I need to finish a few other wips before I start my next one although it was my intention to have 2 per month and I’m kinda running out of time for September. Maybe there will be 3 in October!

You can get the pattern here. And the yarn I used here.

Happy Knitting!

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