Not my type: Yarn edition

If you’re like me, you definitely have some yarn in your stash that isn’t…you. Whether it’s from before you really knew what you were doing (or what Indie Dyers were), from a Fibre Share partner that just didn’t quite get it right, or from a subscription box (Knit Crate or otherwise) where you don’t actually have a say, it’s there and you can’t ignore it forever. So! What’s a knitter (or crocheter etc) to do?

Design & Donate

I decided early this year while looking at my collection of bulky yarn – and knowing there are only so many hats one person needs – that I should just design a bunch of hat patterns and then donate the finished product.
I’m not losing out on anything, I still design a pattern but someone else, someone who really needs it, gets the physical piece. Originally I was going to donate to the YYC Longest Night of the Year but then we moved to the Fraser Valley so I have to do some research into what my town has. My first pattern is the Not so Basic Ribbed Beanie.

Make & Give or Donate

Maybe you don’t design, you could still take the above idea and make for someone else. Know someone that loves an orange? Make them a lil something.
Want to donate to a local shelter but don’t have the funds to do so? Check out Ravelry and pick a few hat patterns from there. Or ear warmers, mittens, scarves, etc. We have this amazing gift so why not spread the love?

Donate your yarn

I KNOW it sounds scary, what!? Donate my yarn!? Hear me out. School’s have started offering knitting or crochet as an elective course and from my experience knowing the teachers, they have to provide the supplies (as in the school doesn’t). I honestly don’t even know if they get a budget for the needles.
So, go through your stash. Pick out the stuff that’s leftover (like half a ball at least, you shouldn’t be donating two yards of something), stuff you will NEVER use and contact your local school or if you know teachers ask them.
Also, I’ve heard Senior Homes might take yarn donations as well. You could maybe even start a club at one.

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