The Visage Tee

My latest pattern, the Visage Tee, is a garment that started a snowball of an idea. One that I hope to turn into an avalanche of good.
Originally named the Key to my Heart Tee, Visage was suggested and I ran with it.

Named for Michelle Visage from Drag Race, I had the idea of creating a line of garments inspired by Drag Queens. I have two more ideas brewing so stay tuned for those. But I have a goal of 6 designs total.
Ultimately, I want a percentage of the sales from those 6 pieces to go to a local LGBTQ+ charity. Because at the end of the day, I just want to help people.

Being cis-het, white, straight-sized and of middle-class, I have privilege. And I recognize that. So I want to do what I can for those who don’t have those same privileges.

I’ve mentioned this before, I make garments that I want to wear. In doing that, I also am trying to make sure anyone of any shape can not only make my patterns, but wear them proudly. If there is a pattern of mine that you don’t think will fit you as you want, email me and we can work it out together.

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