Amethyst Grace Cardigan

It was never my intention to design a raglan cardigan. At least it wasn’t on my list of pattern ideas, so who knows when it would have actually happened. Then my mom asked how much it would be to make her a cardigan. I didn’t giver the actual amount but we agreed upon a (much lower than normal) price. Plus I decided I would design it so that I could sell the pattern as well. It’s been my most popular pattern to date!

The Process

She showed me a couple of store-bought cardigans she had and gave me the aspects she did and didn’t like. I took those ideas and the Amethyst Grace Cardigan was born! Named as such because her birthday is in February but there was a number of Amethyst Cardigans already. So the Grace was added since she shares that middle name with my daughter.

Design Overview

It features a large ribbed shawl collar that folds over and uses a provisional cast on for a seamless look.
Length can be customized to your personal preference but I prefer a long one for extra coziness. Short rows round out the bottom so it doesn’t create a straight rectangle.
The sleeves, oh those sleeves. There’s lots of ribbing but it’s worth it! It’s written so the sleeves are a little snug when you’re putting it on so there’s no decreasing required but that also means they fit so good when it’s on. Plus then the ribbing from the forearm down fits better too and doesn’t hang down (because you didn’t need to decrease!)

Since it’s top-down you can try it on quite easily when you’re making it so you can be sure it fits you just right. There is some shaping as well but you can always add more if you desire!

Make your own!

If you want to make it in the same colour, I used Brava 500 Worsted from Knit Picks in Dove Heather which is more of a heavy worsted.
Click here to get your copy!

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