Reflections and Growth

I’m gonna get a bit deep on this post, just a warning. Releasing my first raglan pattern a few days ago got me thinking about how far I’ve come from not knowing how to purl three years ago, and then doing it wrong for a while after that.
A few of you know that I have been married before and on January 4th, 2014 my life as I knew it shattered. My then-husband told me – after months of the silent treatment – that he no longer loved me.
I was two days away from the start of my final semester of Graphic Communication and somehow had to wrap my head around that.

I made it through those four months pretty well considering; I kept my GPA at 3.8, worked close to f/t hours at my job and saw my friends.
Graduation came and went and I moved out of the apartment because 1) we rented it from his grandmother and 2) I worked in Inglewood so living in Panorama was not conducive to that.

Let’s fast forward a bit, I met my now husband through mutual friends that I worked with and he’d gone to university with one of them.
Turns out they were trying to set us up and I had zero knowledge. Although when the four of us had a dinner and games night, that probably should have tipped me off.

We started dating end of 2015, got married April 1st, 2017, and welcomed our perfect baby girl Violet February 1st, 2018.

Meanwhile, I started knitting fall/winter of 2015 and in 2016 thought “hey, maybe this is something I could do for money”. I met Chantal of Knitatude at Market Collective and starting going to the weekly knit night the following Thursday.
Like I mentioned before, I didn’t know how to purl. I didn’t know how to knit in the round either. Then I learned both and my first ever project was hideous. 20160709_213632-1
My work has gotten steadily better and I fully credit the weekly knit night for that. I simply wouldn’t have the collective knowledge of the wonderful ladies that attend. So the fact I went from this crappy first in-the-round project to my first raglan sweater (both my own design thank you very much) in three years, blows my freaking mind. img_20181115_154802

So if you’re sitting there, thinking that you’re not good at something, just look at my two photos that are close to two years apart really and know; you’ve got this. Find a group of people that share the same hobby/interest etc and get better! Also, practice is key. Now that I’m off mat leave and not going back to work outside the home – I have White Willow, Ampersand Creative, and I’m on the editorial team for Candor Magazine so I am working at home – I’m knitting every day working on future patterns and try to draw every day to better grow my skills.

Do. Not. Give. Up.


Happy knitting (or whatever it is that you do!)

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