Local Gift Ideas

I love to shop locally. Fortunately for me, Calgary has copious amounts of handmade markets so the options are practically endless.
I started doing it after I’d made gifts for everyone and realized 1) it was SO much work and 2) there is only so many knit pieces people need (that I am willing to make). So now I frequent the Etsy Christmas Market, Little Modern Market, Market Collective, and I might stop by Make It because I reeeaaally want a Coal and Canary candle.

Pictured Shops (L to R): Friday Sock Co, Ami and Emme, Oxeye Floral, Saltyseadog Designs, Salt Water Tea Jewelry, Little May Papery

Now I’ll share with you some of my favourite shops so you can check them out too!

Jewelry: Salt Water Tea Jewelry is run by my dear friend Nicole. She will be at Little Modern November 24th and Market Collective December 14-16.

Soft toys: Ami and Emme creates adorable crocheted animals, donuts, f-bombs, that are not just only cute and colourful but some are also baby rattles! I grabbed a purple donut for my daughter’s first Christmas and I may be more excited about it than she will be. Robyn will be at Curated November 23-24 & Darling Details on December 8th.

Coffee: Calgary Heritage Roasting Co makes amazing coffee. You can actually get it at Co-op now as well but if you’re going to Little Modern market anyway and don’t want to make multiple stops…they have you covered! At one point in my pregnancy I couldn’t handle “regular” store bought coffee and my saving grace was going to Greater Goods and having a cup of Calgary Heritage.

These are just three of the many many makers from around Calgary and area. So check out the upcoming markets for some (or all) of your Christmas/Holiday shopping & know that when you buy from one of these makers you’re directly helping support someone’s dream and family.

Finally, cause it is my blog after all, while I’m not doing markets this year you can find my ready to ship pieces on Etsy!

Happy Shopping!

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