Making for Markets

Something I didn’t realize when I first started making to sell, markets are a very different demographic than online.
I started making to sell because I saw an opportunity for nerdy inspired pieces. However what I didn’t realize was that my niche is too niche for markets.
I sell well online because people are actually searching for my stuff. You might think “oh but comic expos surely are an option”. That would be a no, at least for Saskatoon and my knitted pieces. People weren’t into paying for handmade unless it was art and I’m pretty sure it’s because most people don’t understand the value of what we as makers do.
They see a $45 hat and don’t understand that it took time to not only make that hat but also figure out the pattern you want to make!

Winter is Coming Beanie in Claret available on Etsy

SO should be you thinking of applying for markets, I would suggest looking at what is popular right now. Are there tons of hats with cables? What about the slouchy beanie style hats, or are (faux) fur poms all the rage.
DO NOT copy other artists in your area and also DO NOT undercut. No one wins in that scenario because not only do you have to make that many more pieces to make the same amount of money but makers talk. And if you are making a “similar (read; basically identical) piece to another maker in your city and charging way less, you will not make friends. And the thing is, knitters/crocheters anyway, are super friendly in my experience!


By all means, use patterns designed by others if they give the go-ahead to sell finished pieces but KNOW YOUR WORTH. The designer might even have a dollar minimum that they want you to charge.
If you don’t know what you should be charging, check out this blog post in by Chantal of Knitatude.

To sum up; do your research, don’t copy, know your worth.

Happy Knitting!

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