Pattern Testers vs Tech Editors

SO you’ve designed a pattern and your so excited about it but now what!? You’ve seen people post for pattern testers so you think maybe you should go that route.

The pros to that route are that you get a bunch of great photos of your pattern completed in a variety of colours and you know how much yarn will be used (if you’ve got a variety of sizes happening).


The cons however are sometimes you get dud testers. They either don’t give good (or any) notes, photos are less than desirable, or they just ghost you entirely cause they were in it for a free pattern. There’s also the fact you’re giving away a pattern to however many testers you end up using. So there is that much lost revenue. But if you have a great tester they might end up buying other patterns you have released or will release. Plus you have their followers seeing your pattern if they post to social media.

If you don’t want to get it tested another option is tech editors. A huge pro is that an editor will find stuff a tester might not in terms of grammar or consistency.

They also don’t generally take as long as a test will.
The biggest con would probably be that it costs $$. Usually more than the potential lost revenue of the free patterns to your testers. BUT you get that level of expertise.
As someone who has done both, it’s nice to have the option of an editor in case not enough people apply to test my pattern or I want to publish it sooner than later. Plus it’s helped me with patterns I’ve tested because I’m paying more attention to the little things like spacing etc.

Like any decision it’s ultimately up to you though.

Happy knitting!

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