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Knitting Accessories

Not be confused with Knitted Accessories which I sell in my Etsy shop.
Knitting accessories are things like stitch markers, row counters, darning needles and yes, even crochet hooks. You never know when you’ll need a crochet hook to catch and fix a dropped stitch.

I keep mine in two separate bags. All my stitch markers are in one, everything else from my scissors to darning needles and everything in between in the one pictured below. It also happens to be by Knitatude and you can grab your very own here.

I didn’t always do that but let me tell you it is so much easier! Regardless of what you’re using, having everything in one spot means you can grab and go without thinking “do I have everything?”.

A basic but detailed rundown of what you’ll want; darning needles (multiple sizes), crochet hook(s), scissors, measuring tape, cable needle(s), row counters, and maybe also a needle gauge.

Happy Knitting!


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