Pattern Review: Harvest Cardigan

I made this pattern using Knitologie’s Bouncy Worsted yarn in Schoolzone from knitcrate. I’m generally not a verigated yarn kinda gal but as it turns out, baby anything is hella cute.

Violet_Harvest1 So I searched Ravlery for patterns with the weight and yardage I had and viola! The Harvest cardigan appeared. I love this pattern because it comes in enough sizes I can make one for myself in one of the corresponding colours so we match, cause that’s obviously something I plan on doing until she is old enough to refuse to match me!

So onto the pattern. Like I said it comes in a variety of sizes, it’s knit seamlessly top down.
It does require a provisional cast on but they include a link to a tutorial if your’re not familiar with that. I do suggest reading through the pattern before starting because when you’re required to make 1 it doesn’t actually say left or right but at the bottom tells you which one you’ll want to use.
Other than that, it’s a pretty simple pattern in general. If you’re new to raglan cardigans this would be a good starting point for sure. Plus it’s a free ravelry download!

Happy Knitting!

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