Maker self doubt

Just a quick note today as I’m working through several projects AND working on a formula to make it easier for us to figure out yardage when we design something in multiple sizes.

Last January I stocked up on thick and quick at Michael’s (yay sale!) with the full intent of doing markets this coming fall.
Then I had my baby and realized I had zero desire to make stock for my new ideas. My storage room full of last years stock might have helped with that a little.
I recently decided to apply for the Curated shops though with said new ideas and my child hats. Which meant making one of each of the designs and taking photos. I had selected colours that at the time I thought worked with my vision. But then I made one of each colour and realized my vision had shifted.

So I completely changed the colour scheme. Instead of green, brown, and taupe I’m going with a red, dark blue, and beige for both designs and I’m finally happy with them.

My point is if you are doubting something about what you’re making you don’t have to just live with it. Make what you want and what will bring you joy. If you hate making scarves, don’t. Or, at the very least make them a custom/made to order. Being a maker means we truly get to love what we do. So don’t let preconceived notions of what you “should” be doing get in the way.

Happy Knitting!

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