Why do you love your craft?

I love knitting. Shocker I know, but in all seriousness this hobby turned business has blossomed into so much more than I could’ve imagined just over 2 years ago when I attended my first knit night.

I started knitting in September of 2015 because I was over the whole commercialization of Christmas and wanted to make gifts for people. Looking back they were not awesome (think toques with a seam and scarves with a dropped stitch on the end making it slightly narrower on one end) but it was the thought that counted.
Fast forward to March 2016, I had been laid off my job and through the magic of the internet found Chantal of @knitatude and saw she was going to be at Market Collective. I rounded up a couple girlfriends and we went, I introduced myself (SO out of character for me), and she invited me to her weekly knit night.

I’ve been going ever since and my skill has grown 10 fold. When I started going I didn’t know how to purl. Then I learned how to but it was twisting my stitches so I had to re-learn. Then I started testing patterns for Chantal which turned me onto making garments.

Now I’m designing my own patterns, still testing for her on occassion, testing for other people too, and I can’t believe how much one craft has changed my life. One example is going to Our Maker Life last year in Toronto. Not something that would’ve happened otherwise.

So I ask you, why do you love your craft and how has it changed your life?

Happy Knitting!

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