Pattern Template

Just a brief word on the template I’ve created for you. Yes it is free and yes you can change things on it.

I created it because I’ve seen over-priced pattern templates that are ridiculously long (for no good reason) and quite frankly I think it’s ridiculous to charge someone when they’re doing the majority of the work. All I’m providing is an outline of how to write it out with some information of what you should be including.

The best part about my template (besides the free part) is that it’s made in Google Docs. So anyone with a Google account can access it! And even my mom has one so….

I made the template based of one my own patterns but again, you can customize it to your preferred fonts/colours etc. Just for the love of all that is good please don’t use Comic Sans. It’s not professional in any aspect and should only be used in…. you guessed it, comics!

Anyway, happy pattern writing & knitting/crocheting and if you have any issues feel free to email me!

Get it here

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