Homemade Baby Blankets; what you might not think about

One of the first things I told the ladies at knit night after announcing my pregnancy was that I wasn’t going to make my own baby blanket.
I’d made one earlier that year for my cousin and it was tedious. Fast forward to September of last year at Saskatoon Comic Expo and the only knitting I’d brought was stock, however it wasn’t flying off my table so I needed something else to work on. Enter a skein of hot pink Caron Simply Soft and I was off to the races making my own blanket.

I was in fact gifted 3 blankets at my shower (2 sewn, 1 crocheted) and they are fantastic, especially since I’m only now about to start the last colour repeat on mine.
But I realized the other day that mine is more of a “older child” blanket. The pattern I used has holes that little fingers can get caught in and it’s enormous for a baby. I like to think it’s one she’ll keep forever though.
img_20180715_132129So if you’re planning on making one and it’s going to be knit or crochet, you don’t need to go crazy with a fancy stitch. Use colours that will be meaningful to the mom (in my case, Hufflepuff), use acrylic so it can be tossed in the washer and use chunky yarn so it doesn’t take a lifetime to make!

Happy Knitting!

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