Pattern Books vs Stitch Books

I have 3 Pattern Books and 2 Stitch Books plus the Vogue Knitting Book. To be completely honest I haven’t used any of the patterns in any of the books, although I did just receive one of them last week and I know a pattern I’m going to make from it.

On the one hand I love pattern books because so many of the patterns are just so damn beautiful. But on the other hand, I already have an extensive favourite section on Ravelry.

Stitch books though….there’s just so many options and you can create anything! I have so many different ones marked in just one of my books because I saw the stitch and instantly envisioned a finished piece.

So personally, stitch books are the better investment because I just have too many patterns that I already want to make. But if you aren’t one to design your own stuff and work off other patterns, go hard friend. There are so many of them, the one thing I would warn though is that if you don’t love multiple patterns in said book check your library before making the purchase. Unless of course you have a desire to have a library that rivals the on in Beauty and the Beast.

Happy Knitting


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