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Honey Badger Cardigan

Last month I released my first ever garment pattern. I’d designed before but only accessories, hats & a cowl.

Let me just start out by saying, designing is not easy. It was one thing to make it for myself and write everything down as I was going, however even just getting to the point where I was finally knitting took a while. I knew what I wanted the cardigan to look like but getting there was not easy. Finding a stitch that showed up how I wanted in the yarn I was using took a lot of research and trial and error. And that is totally normal!

Then you add the different sizes and that seemed overwhelming. I ended up using the standard measurement chart from Craft Yarn Council which is something I highly recommend. From that I was able to math out everything from my gauge.

If you take away one thing from this, it’s that it likely won’t just work right away. You’ll have to rip back countless times because of one reason or another but when you finish the piece, it’s the best feeling.

Finally, if you have zero want to design your own patterns that’s cool too! Just understand why we charge $9.25 CAD for a garment, we just didn’t whip up that super cool dress or cardigan in a day. It took testing out stitches, yarn, frogging countless times and finally mathing everything out so we have a pattern for more than just our individual size.

Happy Knitting!



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