Pattern Review: Teamwork Tank

Yes I know, I make a lot of patterns by Knitatude but to be fair, her patterns are great! Plus I have tested for her a few times and she is actually the one who got me into making garments because hers were the first ones I made, so there’s that too.

Anyway, the pattern! This is a great one to use up some extra cotton (in this case We are Knitters) for the secondary colour. I used light grey and bubble gum and you can grab those here. The tank got it’s name from a instagram live she did last spring while trying to 20171020_154450figure out a way to use a small amount of cotton she had lying around. Through talking it out with a bunch of people and discussing stripe options it was born! It’s got a garter border at the bottom and it’s off to the races with stockinette.

Which is obviously all I can say without giving away the pattern.

But if you want to make your own click here

Happy knitting!

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