Pattern Review: Moonstone Mittens

Full disclosure time, I have made these mittens 4 times and none of those were for me. The first pair was for a friend for Christmas, the next 2 pairs were for each of my grandmas for Christmas and the last pair was for my mom for her birthday. So to say I love this pattern is kind of an understatement. The pair pictured used 2 skeins of Brooklyn Tweed but I have also used Madeline Tosh and Plank & Stella.

IMG_20171220_144402_01This was the first pattern where I used dpns for their true purpose and not for cabling and I have to say, not as scary as I thought. The pattern knits up very quick and as a sidenote, I have little hands so I did one less of the 8 row repeat and they were perfect. So I do suggest trying them on during the hand part just to check length.

The detailing shows up best on solid or tonal yarns but I did use a more verigated than tonal and they still looked lovely.

This was my second time making mittens but first time making them in the round, the first time the pattern had me work them flat and then seam them…it was weird. But if you haven’t made mittens before I would say that as long as you know how to knit in the round and can follow a pattern you should be fine. Just remember as with anything you haven’t made before, trust the pattern.

You can get the pattern from Woolfield Studio’s Etsy shop here

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